Karl (lourdek) wrote in rogues_gallery,

Scott's Birthday

It was sometime in june last year. like the 14th or something... almost a year ago...
Scott's birthday was actually back in may, but we were having a late party for him.

Anyway, I brought fifths of Jaegermeister and Vodka.

This also happens to be the same day I met Jessica for the first time, and the fact that she even talked to me, let alone went on to become my girlfriend after that night still amazes me to this day. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

So, upon arrival, I convinced Juan and Andi to drive back so I could start drinking. I think I had a couple of beers first, I don't remember, maybe Juan can fill in the patchy parts. All I can remember is I drank a lot of beer, a lot of Jaeger, a lot of Crown Royal (frank's) and a lot more beer, in no particualr order. I kept yelling "OWNED!!!" at everything that moved... I met the girl of my dreams... I crashed on Scott's back porch and beat the shit out of the wall next to me... I got a bunch of water dumped on me... I drank a lot, And I puked because of it, (juan still has the bucket)

I wish I had some pictures from that not-so-memorable night, but they are on the old NWSR server and scott's hard drive that imploded. I might have some in Portland. I'll check next time I go down if I remember
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