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The Axis of intoxication

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

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Welcome to the Rogues Gallery, home of a bunch of drunkards, scoundrels, hooligans, and ne'er-do-wells (or at least seldom-do-wells). Here be a place to gather 'round with a cup of ale (or burbon or whatever the fuck) and tell stories, spin yarns, maybe even bullshit. These stories posted within are true from our lives, whether they be from before or after the formation of our band of merry fellowes. They are not meant to harm or be used for character defamation, only to educate and entertain.

All are welcome to read, we hope you enjoy these fine tales!

oh, and if you're posting something freaking LONG, do be kind and place it behind a cut, won't you? that's a dear.